Welcome to SUNGJIN Europe

  SUNGJIN EUROPE is the Europe arm of South Korean manufacturer SUNGJIN CHEMICAL CO., LTD who has started the silicone and component development and manufacturing business in 1994 and has maintained its involvement throughout the electronics industry. Silicone is an eco-friendly material, used in a wide range of applications from the advanced technology sector to daily lives. Particularly, it is commonly used as additives for LCD module, Line TAB and PCB bonding, and as thermal materials for gap filling in electronic and communications devices of automobile. With its expertise and technical capabilities in silicone, we exerts every effort in development in order to hold its technologies on par with global players and competitive edge in developing new materials, Particularly, we supply Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) sheet and Protection Films for LCD monitors of Samsung and LG Electronics as excellent partner company for over years.